Shipping Applications


Green Fuel Technologies has solutions for the ever increasing cost of fuel for ocean going vessels as well.  It’s not only the cost savings of fuel that GFT provides, but also emissions reductions.  Additionally, as global emissions regulations become tighter, GFT’s liquid concentrate product can help you reduce your emissions  - especially smoke particulate.

Crane and Forklift

Dock-based equipment and vehicles can benefit from GFT.

Case Study Summary


In July of 2010 GFT began a test with a VLCC class cargo vessel that traveled from Dubai to China and back to Dubai.

The net result is that the combinations of a 12.3% increase in speed or performance, plus a 7.3% decrease in fuel consumption nets a 19.6% total performance gainThis  is consistent with what we see in a 22% emissions reduction. With some fine-tuning, this  extra performance could be tuned and selected to be more on the side of fuel savings, or more on the side of performance and speed  of the ship without increasing its fuel costs.  Additionally, in regards to piston-sludge build-up, GFT made a significant impact on it in its first use with a reduction in sludge of 33% on half of the properly operating engines, but there is still more room for GFT to optimize the combustion system through continual use, and have  further benefit.

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