Green Fuel Technologies™ Introduces an Innovative
Eco-Friendly and Money-Saving Fuel Additive Product Line


Orange, California (January 21, 2010)—Green Fuel Tabs™ announces the launch of an innovative company targeting today’s growing eco-friendly GREEN market. Focused on providing viable green energy solutions, Green Fuel Tabs™ has developed a line of environmentally friendly fuel additive products that not only work to clean the air by reducing toxic emissions and harmful pollutants, but also delivers greater fuel efficiency and real savings at the gas pump. Registered with the Environmental Protection Agency  (EPA), Green Fuel Tabs™ is currently available and easy to implement by just adding one tablet to your gas tank every time you fill up. With fuel prices expected to increase, growing consumer awareness over environmental issues and government regulatory mandates for improving air quality, Green Fuel Tabs™ is well positioned for expansion into the automotive, trucking, and industrial markets.

Overview of Product::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Green Fuel Tabs™ is a fuel additive that safely removes carbon buildup from both gas and diesel engines thereby helping fuel burn more efficiently and completely. This results in better gas mileage, more power, lower toxic emissions, lower engine maintenance costs, and an overall cleaner running engine. An environmentally friendly process containing no harmful chemicals or detergents, Green Fuel Tabs’™ unique patented “Quick Dissolve” process dissolves the tablet into your fuel tank before you are even finished filling your gas tank. Additionally, Green Fuel Tabs™ comes in an easy-to-use tablet that treats 20 gallons per tab and is also deliverable as a powered or concentrated liquid for pre-treating fuel for fleet or industrial applications.

Overview of Green Fuel Tabs™ Technology::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

Because of the impurities in petroleum-based fuels, carbon deposits, which do not combust at normal engine operating temperatures, form as a by-product of combustion along the surfaces of the engine’s combustion chamber. These carbon deposits ultimately cause fuel mileage to drop over the life of a vehicle, create the need for higher-octane fuels, form harmful exhaust emissions and result in an overall decline in engine performance. Acting as a catalyst, Green Fuel Tabs™ treated fuel burns more efficiently and completely by lowering the Energy of Activation Rate, which allows the carbon deposits to combust at lower temperatures where normally these deposits would not burn. This chemical reaction allows the impurities and carbon buildup to more completely combust with the fuel resulting in the removal of all engine deposits as well as the inhibition of new deposit buildup. This ultimately leads to lower emissions of CO, SOx, NOx, HC's and PM-10, lower fuel consumption, and over all better performance and maintenance.

Testimonials from Real Green Fuel Tabs™ Users::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

I have a 2005 Toyota Sienna van. It typically gets 14 to 17 MPG and has a 20-gallon fuel tank. We added Green Fuel Tabs before our trip from Apple Valley, Minnesota to Atlanta, Georgia. We drove until we had a half a tank, refueled again and dropped in another tab. Our MPG increased to 18 MPG. We repeated the process throughout our trip for 1,190 miles. By the third fill up our MPG had increased to 22 MPG and stayed consistent the rest of the trip. AWESOME!”        HD, 12/21/08

Art Whittaker has a 1991 Chevy S-10 pickup. He needed to get it registered so he had to have it pass an emissions and safety inspection. The first time he took it in for inspection it flunked horribly. His friend recommended that he put in a couple of Green Fuel Tabs™ and drive for about 100 miles. Art followed his friend’s advice, added the Green Fuel Tabs™ and drove the truck for 329 miles. When he had it re-inspected, it passed with flying colors!

“My recent experience with the Green Fuel Tabs™ covered about a week period in early March and roughly the same number of miles logged with and without the product. I drive a 1999 W900 Kenworth Power Train rig with a C-15 Caterpillar engine with 450,000 miles on it. I felt an almost immediate surge in horsepower on inclines with your product, and noticed that the engine seemed to operate smoother without the acceleration hesitation that I had been experiencing in the past. I did not expect these results and was pleasantly surprise with the effectiveness of Green Fuel Tabs™. I plan on using the product for my personal cars and will continue to use it on my rig.”          RKL


With Green Fuel Tabs™

SAVE from Between 10-20% per Tank of Gas

INCREASE your Gas Mileage

WORKS  for Gas or Diesel Vehicles

SAFE- Will NOT Harm Your Engine - 

LESS Engine Maintenance

EASY to USE - Just Drop a Green Fuel Tab into Your Gas Tank!

Eco-Friendly - Registered with the EPA



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